Friday, June 1, 2012

life is sweet.

Dan and I recently had our 3rd year anniversary.  I can't believe it has already been 3 years!  I love to look back and remember when we first met, and how I felt at the time.  There's nothing better than new love in my opinion.  
I was so lucky to have found Dan.  He was exactly what my heart needed.  He filled in that gaping hole  in my heart left by heartache and tragedy.  He still does.  I'm a lucky girl.  

He gave me this little boy...

I love my boys.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

eight month hiatus.

My how the time flies by.

I realize a lot has happened in eight months, along with many pictures that have been taken.  I'm just going to summarize the changes that have occurred throughout that time, and move forward from this point in time.

Dan, my wonderful friend and husband, works at Pay Pal in the disputes department on the Australia team.  He gets to talk with Australians who are much more polite and friendly than fellow Americans apparently.  Because of his school schedule, Dan works odd days/hours (and because Australia is pretty much a day ahead of us here in AZ).  He goes to school full time at Chandler Gilbert Community College.  He's in an 18 month program to become an Aircraft Maintenance Technician.  It is perfect for Dan.  He gets to work with his hands, get hydraulics fluid on his clothes, work with tools... pretty much be as manly as possible.  He loves it.  He plans on continuing on with school to get a degree in Aeronautical Engineering with ASU after he's done with this program.  Let me tell you, it has been a tough road figuring out what he wanted to do for school/career.  I am so happy he has found his niche.

I am a mother!  It is still weird to me that I have a child.  I still feel like a child myself, but the fact is...I will be turing 28 this year!  I also work part time as an Aesthetician, which I really do love.  I get to fix my hair pretty, put on fancy makeup, talk with adults, be creative, make money, and have some much needed time away from my favorite baby boy.  Whenever I do leave for work, Dan gets to be with Drake, so I don't feel as guilty.  They get to have their bonding time.  Dan and Drake don't get to see much of each other because of Dan's schedule, so I'm glad they get to have some time together.  I have an associates in Psychology with University of Phoenix, and I will be starting my bachelors program with ASU in Human and Family Development this fall.  Hey, why not?  I figure if I am going to get a degree in something that I may or may not work in, I might as well get one that will help me as a mother!  That is pretty much my life right now.  Spending time with family is mixed in there as well.

Drake is just growing and being as cute as ever.  I've got a toddler now who runs, jumps, dances, throws tantrums, jibber jabbers, and sings.  He has four teeth so far, thick blond hair which he inherited from his daddy, along with blond eyebrows. I had quite a scare.  Drake has had a little cold for two days, and yesterday morning he was having difficulty breathing.  I took him into urgent care, and it turns out he has traces of slight pneumonia and he has bronchiolitis.  I give him breathing treatments with a nebulizer and albuterol every four hours, and he is on medication for the pneumonia.  One day he has a little cold/cough, and the next morning he can't breathe!  It happened so fast.  I am so glad that he is breathing slower and easier today.  Teething has proven to be a nightmare.  Every parent goes through it... that doesn't make it any easier!  I have been having a hard time feeding this kid.  He's pretty picky.  Drake has been a very easy baby, but the eating issue has been the hardest for me!  I didn't think too far ahead past the breast feeding and baby food stage.  The "toddler eating like the rest of us" stage is hard!  I am responsible for this little persons nutrition.  That is a lot of responsibility.  We're getting the hang of it.  Drake can say a few words:  ow, hi, bye bye, mama, dada, uh oh, and touch down (more like tuh dow).  What a jewel in my crown my Drake is.

We've had Dan's little brother, Ben, living with us for almost a year.  Drake just loves Uncle Ben... I am so glad they could form a bond while he was staying with us.  Ben has been going to school and working while he's been here, and he has figured out what he wants to do for a career.  He's moving back to Utah to go to school to learn how to design video games next month... his dream!

There you go...nice summary, huh?

Life hasn't been all peaches and cream these last eight months.  It has been hard.  I realize that on our blogs and facebook we sugar coat our lives to look perfect, when in reality, life is not perfect.  I think it is much more helpful to tell it like it is (to a point), and maybe we can help each other get through life easier that way.
Dan and I are going to be sealed in the temple soon, but in order to be worthy, we need to be paying our tithing.  Man, tithing is a complete leap of faith.  Especially if you aren't sure how you can put food on the table.  But let me tell you, the blessing of tithing is a real thing.  It's one of those things you have to experience for yourself.  So now I can happily add the blessings of tithing to my 'personal testimony' checklist.  If you are doing what the Lord has asked us to do, he will bless you and take care of you.  We cannot make it throughout our lives alone.  We need Heavenly Father's help.  We tend to forget this when things seem to be going well in our lives.  As soon as life gets tough, it can be hard to swallow our pride and realize this.  I had to learn this with my mom getting hurt and ultimately passing away.  I am re-learning it now with our finances and tithing.  We need help.  There is only so much we can do... the rest we have to give to Heavenly Father, and he will take it the rest of the way for us if we let him.

So hopefully I will be able to stay current on this blog... it feels good to type this post!  Till next time...

Friday, August 5, 2011

Surprise visit to Utah

Wow, I feel like it's been a long time since I've blogged!  My entire life is consumed by Drake (which I love), so the majority of my pictures are of him.  I hardly ever post on facebook because I don't want to be that person who posts about their kids all the time!  I feel like nothing I would say would be all that interesting... "Drake is rocking on his hands and knees now!  Only a matter of time before he crawls!"

So, I've decided I can post as much as I want about Drake on my blog since it's like my journal in many ways!  So be prepared!

Me, Dan, and Drake took a weekend trip to Utah to visit Dan's mom and family the weekend of the 24th.  The 24th, which is Pioneer Day, is a holiday in Utah, so we felt it would be perfect to visit.  Dan's mom hadn't seen Drake since he was just a week old, so we were really excited.  The trip was such a blast, and we really needed to get away.  Drake got the chance to meet Dan's mom and Trent, Colton and Raquel (Trent's kids), Carissa and her family, Annie and her family (Riot is just 10 days older than Drake), and also see uncle Ben again.  He also met Dan's grandparents.  I barely held Drake the entire time we were there... everyone wanted to hold him and play with him!  I felt like Drake got so much attention that his little personality bloomed on that trip.  He really loved everyone so much... makes me wonder if we should move to Utah in the future?

I love that we live in AZ around my family, however, they are all in the growing family stage, and that means Drake does not get attention showered upon him.  Dan is the oldest in his family (and the favorite ; ) I might add), so naturally, his first child will get loads of attention!  Plus, Dan's family is very gregarious, full of energy, and loving, so even Annie who has a new baby spent time holding Drake a lot of the time.  It was really nice to just sit back and watch Drake interact with everyone in the family.  I'm really hoping we'll be able to spend Christmas in Utah this year!

Here are a few pictures from the trip...

I grew up with this picture in our living room.  It is one of my favorites.  In the conference center, which we took a tour of, they had all original paintings.  I had no idea this one was so huge!

Drake and his cousin Riot (Annie's baby).  These boys spent most of the time together.  

Dan is holding Riot.  I just love the online editing website picnik.  I could spend hours playing around on that site!

Temple square

Drake slept on my chest both flights to and from Utah.  I heard taking off and landing hurt babies ears, so I nursed him on takeoff, and he fell asleep, slept the entire time, and didn't wake up until we were down stairs at the rental car area!  It took Drake a little more time to fall asleep on the flight home, but he eventually zonked out.

My sweet boy...

My stripling soldiers.  This is one of my favorite stories from the Book of Mormon.  

Sick boy
Drake had a fever for two days a couple of days ago.  I thought that maybe he was teething, but he is still toothless!  His little body must have been fighting off something.  Even though he had a fever, he was still a happy boy...

This is my makeshift playpen on our bed that I made with pillows.  I don't think it will last for long!

I kept Drake cool with a moist washcloth on his little forehead.  He was really still when I put it on.  It must have felt really nice.  It is scary when babies have fevers.  I would wake up to him next to me with burning hot hands and feet touching me.  

I'm glad he's all better now!!

I can't wait till we get sealed to Drake in the temple <3
The SLC temple is so beautiful!

Here is some evidence that I spend way too much time on picnik...

Pregnant nice vampire

Pregnant evil vampire!

Monday, May 9, 2011

My first mother's day was wonderful!  Church was great, except Drake did not want to sit in my lap, and he was a very wiggly boy.  But he looked oh so handsome in his new church outfit.  I was a little disappointed in our bishopric for not doing anything special for the mothers.  I had never been in a ward where they do not hand the mothers a rose, or something sweet after sacrament meeting on mother's day.        

This has been the first mother's day where I am not a complete emotional wreck.  My thoughts are always about my own mother, but this time around I am a new mother myself.  I only wish to be half the mom my mother was to me.  She is the greatest example I know of what a mother should be.  Mom was my best friend, and I cannot wait to see her again.

On Saturday morning, Dan woke up hours before I did and was very quiet.  I didn't hear any video games or guitar, and I was very curious as to what he was doing.  When I woke up, there was a trail of starburst all throughout the house.  One trail led to Drake's car seat on the floor, and there was a hershey bar underneath.  The other led to under the couch where my favorite candy, fun dip, was stuffed.  And the last trail led to Drake's nursery where I found a bouquet of spring flowers, a card, and Eclipse.  Dan doesn't think he is very creative or romantic, but he proved himself wrong! 

On Sunday after church Dan took care of Drake for me, which included changing all his diapers.  I told Dan I would like the house to be nice and cool for mother's day (it is always too hot for me most days), and that I would like him to watch Eclipse with me.  I read my book quite a bit when Drake took his nap (I'm reading The Host for the 3rd time), and after Drake was asleep for the night, I had to write and turn in a paper (which was a was about historical and scientific perspectives on homosexuality.  Blah!).  

I absolutely love being a mother.  It is my favorite thing I have ever done in my life, and it is my life!  I have zero complaints about it, and no regrets.  It is so much fun to watch your child grow and discover his personality.  I cannot stop kissing my baby's chubby cheeks and nuzzling his little neck.  He has started to giggle (mostly at Dan...jealous).  He touches my face with his warm little hands.  Sometimes when he's asleep at night, I'll tiptoe into the bedroom just to lean down and put my head near his; I love to see his out-of-proportion body sleeping there: his big head (which has started to bald), small shoulders, big diaper butt, and dimply short legs.  I kiss his forehead and smell his sweet milky breath.  I am totally enchanted by him, my little boy.

Happy mother's day to all you mamas out there!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

straw hats...

I just had to get this little easter hat for Drake.  He smiles at himself in the mirror when he's wearing it!

Drake is such a happy boy!

My boys...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

drake's blessing day.

Dan gave baby Drake such a beautiful blessing.  Drake was so good before and after the blessing; smiling and cooing at me and Dan.  He got a little upset at his hiccups during sacrament, so we had to get up and stand next to the doors for a while.  When we got home, family came over for a little luncheon.  

Toward the end of the luncheon, Drake was so exhausted from being up all day with the excitement.  He didn't like the bumbo very much.  He sure did look cute in it though!
All in all, the day was perfect.

I love this little boy!